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How to clean MacBook fan

Posted By Volodymyr Chubei | 02 May 2023

Table of Contents

During the operation of the MacBook, dust accumulates under its case, which negatively affects the operation of the fan. The device may overheat, make noise, and slow down. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to keep the gadget clean.

In this article, we will provide the step-by-step process and explain how to clean dust from a MacBook fan at home. You will also find out if you can clean the inside of the device from dust without removing the cover.

To clean the fan from dust you will need:

  • microfiber cloths;

  • electronics cleaning kit;

  • precision pentagonal screwdriver P5;

  • set for precision cleaning;

  • antistatic brush;

  • hair dryer or a can of compressed air.

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How to clean MacBook fan: step-by-step guide

The process of cleaning the fan from dust does not require any special knowledge and experience, so anyone can cope with the task. It is important to strictly follow the instructions and follow all recommendations on how to clean MacBook fan.

1. Removing the back cover of the MacBook

Before you start the work, unplug the device, find a flat, even surface and put the MacBook back up.

Then follow the instructions:

  • using a P5 screwdriver, unscrew all the screws around the perimeter and put them aside so you do not lose them;

  • carefully loosen the cover fasteners from the case so as not to damage anything;

  • if gaps appear, release the fasteners one by one from the grooves and remove the back cover of the device.

2. Dust cleaning

At this stage, the task is to clean the inside of the MacBook and the fan from dust and other contaminants:

  • take a microfiber cloth and lightly moisten it with water;

  • wipe the surface of the device and the inside of the back cover to clean everything from dust;

  • to clean hard-to-reach places, use a can of compressed air or a hairdryer, switching it to cold air mode and to the lowest speed;

  • clean all the recesses and cavities with an antistatic brush to get rid of the remaining dust;

  • lift the fan's rubber bumper and clean the area under it;

  • use a hair dryer or spray can to blow out the dust and remove it with a napkin;

  • fix the fan by gently pressing its center with your finger (do not press hard so as not to damage the mount);

  • using the bristles of the brush, move the dust in the interblade space;

  • use a hair dryer or compressed air to blow dust out of the recesses;

  • repeat this until the fan looks completely clean.

3. Assembly of the device

At the final stage, the task is to assemble the device in the reverse order:

  • reinstall the rubber fan bumper;

  • install the cover so that it matches the perimeter of the housing and carefully fix the fasteners in the grooves;

  • make sure the back cover fits tightly to the case and tighten all the screws in place.

Apple brand appliances serve reliably and for a long time, but require special attention. To repair gadgets, for example, MacBooks, only original components are needed. Counterfeits cause problems in the device operation and the failure of important components and parts.

Appleparts.io has a large selection of spare parts for different models of Macbooks. All products are certified and tested before going on sale.

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1. Can you clean a MacBook fan at home
You can clean the fan yourself if you use the instructions, follow the sequence of steps and recommendations. To work at home, you will need a small cleaning kit and no more than half an hour of time.
2. Can you clean MacBook fans without opening
No, because the fan is located inside the MacBook case. To get access to the inside area, you can not do without removing the back cover.


Volodymyr Chubei
Computer Repair Specialist at MacNest.com

Volodymyr was born in Ukraine and has found his passion for electronics from his childhood. At the age of 13, he was capable of soldering some basic elements of a logic board and today he is one of the co-founders of MacNest.com

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