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MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar Replacement: Step-by-step Instructions (Video)

Posted By Volodymyr Chubei | 12 Oct 2023

Table of Contents

The Touch Bar in MacBook Pro is one of the most vulnerable components that can fail and require replacement. In this article, we provide you with the instructions on how to do MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar replacement (without case) yourself. All you need to do is follow the guide and follow the sequence of steps exactly.

MacBook Pro A1990 Touch Bar replacement

To proceed with MacBook Pro 15-inch Touch Bar replacement you will need a Touch Bar, a special Touch Bar removal wire, a hairdryer, tweezers, and a spudger. The wire is necessary to remove the non-working panel from the laptop and is also needed for those who plan to remove the working Touch Bar strip from the donor device. It is recommended to use gloves to ease the process of removing the Touch Bar.

1. Dismantling the Touch Bar

When removing both the working and non-working panels, be very careful not to damage anything. Before you start, switch off the device, disconnect the Touch Bar cable from the connector, and carefully remove it. Remember! The device is held together with glue.

There are five stages in the dismantling process:

  1. Heat the touchpad area to soften the adhesive to which the Touch Bar is fixed. This will make it much easier and safer to pry up and remove the panel from the device. Warm the area of the panel you are working on as you proceed.
  2. Using tweezers, slide the wire under the edge of the touch panel to the point where it joins the housing. Be careful and make sure that the wire goes deep enough into the adhesive layer.
  3. Twist the ends of the wire around your index fingers to prevent slipping. It is recommended to wear gloves at this stage for better comfort and fixation.
  4. Very carefully move the wire by the ends alternately up/down (parallel to the body) and with little effort towards yourself. The movement should be as if you work with a saw string. If the wire does not move well, you can drop a little alcohol on it to make it more flexible and soften the glue layer.
  5. Proceed in this way to the other end of the panel, but don't make any sudden movements, and don't over-tighten the wire towards yourself. Your task is to cut through the adhesive layer without damaging the Touch Bar strip itself. Never try to tear off the Touch Bar strip by lifting it upwards, as it is very easy to damage the thinnest components of the device.

Once the Touch Bar is completely disconnected, remove it together with the cable. Proceed carefully without any sudden movements or effort.

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2. Checking the operation of the Touch Bar

If you are using a Touch Bar that you removed from another device, it is recommended that you check it to make sure it works properly. Careless removal of a Touch Bar can damage it, so you should make sure that the device is in good working order before installing it on your MacBook.

You can do this by connecting the panel via a cable to the connectors inside the case. After the Touch Bar is connected, you need to open the notebook and switch on the power. When the operating system boots up, it will be clear whether the Touch Bar works or not. If everything is in order, the Touch Bar will display icons that will respond to finger touches.

3. Installing the Touch Bar

Installation of the touch panel is done in the same way as removal, but in the reverse order. It is necessary to lead the cable inside the case, and the panel should be glued. When doing this, it is recommended to use tweezers and a spudger to avoid damaging the connectors when opening and closing.

If you doubt that you will be able to properly remove the Touch Bar and install a new one, it is better to contact Apple service technicians. Careless actions can easily disable the working Touch Bar and may result in a much more expensive repair. The process of replacing the Touch Bar can be viewed in a video.

To ensure that the Touch Bar works properly after replacement, it is important to use only genuine parts. The Apple Parts website offers a wide range of parts for various MacBook models. Here you'll find everything you need to upgrade your old laptop. We sell only original parts, no counterfeits or cheap analogs. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices at the Apple Parts online shop.

If you are not sure whether you can do MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar replacement without the help of technical service, then order a MacBook repair by mail at Apple Parts. To do this, just send your laptop by post, get the results of diagnostics and the cost of repair. After payment, you will receive a working device the next day.

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1. Can I replace the Touch Bar on my MacBook without a case?
Yes, you can even do it yourself if you follow the instructions. The main thing is to proceed carefully and follow the order of steps.
2. How much does a MacBook Pro A1990 Touch Bar replacement cost?
The total price will depend on the model of the MacBook and the cost of a new Touch Bar. Replacement with a new one will be much more expensive than using a working component removed from a donor device.


Volodymyr Chubei
Computer Repair Specialist at MacNest.com

Volodymyr was born in Ukraine and has found his passion for electronics from his childhood. At the age of 13, he was capable of soldering some basic elements of a logic board and today he is one of the co-founders of MacNest.com

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